After a year and a half of using the Spectra S1+ and 10 months of using the Cimilre S3, I can finally give you an in-depth review between t...

Cimilre S3 vs Spectra S1 Review

Friday, June 02, 2017 maishee 1 Comments

After a year and a half of using the Spectra S1+ and 10 months of using the Cimilre S3, I can finally give you an in-depth review between these two hospital-grade pumps. I bought my Spectra S1+ at Babymama for P13,750.00 plus massagers and shipping fee which totaled 15,000 all in all while I boughtthe Cimilre S3 electric breastpump at babysaversph for a whooping P7,500 price tag. I've used the S1+ for two kids already and it served me well but then I saw another new emerging brand, Cimilre which offers electric breastpumps with the same features as the Spectra line from Babysaversph at a fraction of the price, so the shopaholic in me bugged me to check it out. Below are my comparisons between these super duper amazing epumps!


The design of the Cimilre S3 is much more compact than the Spectra S1+ because you can easily and conveniently slid it on your bag and the option to pull in and out the handle from the machine gives more space in your bag without the handle bulging out, while on the other hand the S1+, no option to hide the handle inside the machine so you have lug it in your bag as is. 
Winner: Cimilre S3


The first time I used the S3, it feels like the S1+. Great suction, very gentle and does the job! Quite notably, the S3 has a gentler suction than the S1+ compared at the same levels. Both pumps offers the same features and levels of cycle and suction strength which vibrates your nipple during suction, triggering your letdown faster and helps to stimulate milk production. Also, both machines offers a 2-minute letdown cycle mode which then automatically switches to another mode, a deeper, massaging pull that actually feels nice. You can also switch between modes with the touch of a button. Moreover, they automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, which is fine because normally, my breasts in less than 15 minutes of pumping. 
Winner: Tie


Both came with a screen indicator that lets you know the cycle length, suction strength/ intensity and timer, however, I like the led-back lit screen that comes with the Cimilre S3 more than then the Spectra S1+'s. Cimilre's LED-backlight is much more advanced and very cool to the eyes. During nighlight pumping, you can clearly see the Cimilre S3 indicator while in the S1+, you will still need to turn on the nightlight.
Winner: Cimilre S3


While both pumps offers a nightlight feature securely built into the underside of the handles, Cimilre's S3s comes with three (3) levels while Spectra S1+ comes with only two (2) levels . But when you turn it on at the highest level, both emits the same amount of brightness. Nevertheless, the nighlight is a lifesaver and one my favorite features with both pumps because the last thing I want to do when I roll out of bed for those late-night pumps is to cuddle two babies crying at 2 am!
Winner: Cimilre S3


In terms of battery, the Spectra S1+ wins because the Cimilre S3 does not come with a built-in battery. So you can only use the S3 connected to an outlet whilst the S1+ it's rechargeable. Moooo! To address the need for a battery, Cimilre recently launched a new product, the Cimilre Battery Pack which lets you connect your S3 to the battery which actually acts like a powerbank for breastpumps. This pretty little invention works well with Spectra S2 too! But still, nothing beats an inbuilt battery!
Winner: Spectra S1+

This is the great thing about Spectra and Cimilre compared to other brands. The pumping sound is subtle. However, there is  a very little difference between the two, the S3 is not moaning as loudly as the S1+ but you cannot tell it apart unless you turn on both pumps side by side. 


Fortunately, both pumps come in the same EXACT spare parts. I can interchangeably use the spare parts between the two pumps. From the flange down to the tubings, they are exactly the same. 
Winner: TIE

To sum it all up, the clear winner is the Cimilre S3 if you can do away with the rechargeable battery otherwise, the Spectra S1+ is the way to go. But a difference of roughly P6,250 (P13,750.00-7,500) for a rechargeable battery? I think I'll pick the S3 because it's a tad bit cheaper and works and feels just the same!!  So that's all, I hope this helps you in choosing which breastpump you will purchase. Let me know if you have questions in the comment box down below.

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  1. Thank you mommy. Just bought my Cimilre S3 because of your review. Super helpful