I’ve always wanted to travel to El Nido to see the pristine beaches and granduer it offers and last year in November 2018 made it happen be...

El Nido Palawan Tour 2018

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I’ve always wanted to travel to El Nido to see the pristine beaches and granduer it offers and last year in November 2018 made it happen before the rehabilitation  started. In this blogpost, I will be sharing you guys my expenses and experience in this haven.

I booked our flight via cebupacific during their seat sale. Total price paid for the roundtrip tickets for two from CDO to Manila and Manila to Puerto Princessa and vice versa was P9,005.00. 

For our hotel, I booked via booking.com and booked Mandy Mango Inn for 5,000 for 4 nights with free breakfast for 2 persons. Our accomodation is just a tricycle-ride away from where the island hopping tour operates. I am happy with our accomodation because it is not too crowded compared to booking from accomodations near the beach. 

Travel Time to Elnido from Manila to Puerto Princessa takes about 2 hours. And from Puerto Princessa to El Nido via Van transfer takes about 5-6 hours. It’s a long travel to make. I am 5 months pregnant and it was an ardous and stressful ride for me that I had to take a complete bed rest the next day. You could also ride a bus from Puerto Princessa to El Nido however, the van transfer is much more convenient as you could easily hire a van just outside the Puerto Princessa airport. Van transfers rate range from 500-600. While bus transfers costs less by as much as half but you have to hire a cab to take you to the bus terminal.

There are other options to reach Elnido,  one is you could book a direct flight to Elnido but airfare is much more expensive at Php 5,000-8,000 for one-way fare only , or via sea transport from Coron. I believe the first two options via Puerto Princessa or Direct flight to El Nido is your best option. 

There are four island hopping tours offered by travel agencies in El Nido, these are: Tour A, Tour B, Tour C and Tour D. We initially planned three island tours among the four but because I had to take bed rest, we were able to try Tours A and C only. I booked our tour A at 900 per head at Klook.com. Although, tour A comes cheaper than the other tours, for me it is more fascinating compared to tour C. We went to 7 Commando Island,; Small Lagoons (located in 2 separate islands), Hidden Lagoon, Shimizu Island & 7 Commando Island

Tour A is cheaper (only for a couple of bucks) than the other tours but don’t be quick to judge as this tour will facinante you with 3 lagoons, an island with an underwater cave perfect for diving enthusiast and a beach where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the vast ocean dotted with several other islands. Here they are. Prepare to get smitten.

While for Tour C, we booked it with one of the travel agencies near the beach. There are loads of travel agencies that offers tour packages but based on my experience it is better to book it ahead of time and klook is the best app to do it. You just to have to present your voucher to the agency tied up with klook which in our case is Jhannas Travels and Tours. The tour agency will send you a text message a day before your tour date and if you are near the beach, they’ll pick you up from your hotel. 

Island hopping in Elnido is heaven. No picture could do it justice! It was the best place I’ve ever been to! The picturesque ladscape and beaches are so beautiful that it relaxes your entire being!

Here are some of the pictures I have taken while on this beautiful Island.


Expanded Maternity Leave Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) Copy RA 11210

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