Photo grabbed from babysaversph. So as promised mommies! I just received my new breastpump from babysaversph . I really love the Cimil...

Cimilre F1 Breastpump Review

Photo grabbed from babysaversph.
So as promised mommies! I just received my new breastpump from babysaversph. I really love the Cimilre F1!! Performance-wise, it works great like my other two breastpumps - the horigen dual breastpump and Spectra S1+. It's like I've been hoarding breastpumps lately. hehe! I'm loving this pump more than the other two because of the sleek and compact design and it's affordable too!. The Spectra S1+ is an amazing pump but it's too bulky and pricey. The horigen dual pump on the other hand is not rechargeable so I am not happy that I have to bring a powerbank with me all the time  as I tend to forget to bring it with me everytime:(  The Cimilre F1 is my holy grail breastpump! It's so convenient and very easy to to bring it to work. I also love how the pump itself is made of shiny material making it dirt and dust-free, unlike my Spectra S1+ which tends to get a bit dirty but I can easily dust-it off with wipes naman. hehe! The F1 has a very silent and subtle pumping sound so my officemates won't hear those prrrrrr pumping sound :D It has a led-backlit screen like the Spectra S9+ which comes handy for late night pumping. Surprisingly, I yield almost the same amount of milk compared to my output using my S1+. The suction is subtle yet strong and efficient in draining out my breast.
Photo grabbed from babysaversph.

Below are the pros and cons:

Very light
Very silent pumping
Shiny-pearl body
Sleek design
Dual and Rechargeable ( full charge will give you 4-6 pumping session)
LED backlit screen
Closed-system, with backflow protectors
My spectra spare parts fits perfectly ( so I can interchange parts) 


The flanges fits the standard-sized bottles but I think you can buy an adapter to wideneck bottles from the seller. I was able to use my Spectra flange with the Cimilre F1 without any problems at all.

I will be posting more pictures soon!

This photo was taken under bad lighting condition.

Photo taken at night time.

Photo taken at night time.

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