Hands down to the best breast pump ever! After excluding pumping with my Spectra s1+ for three months, I can say that the Sp...

Spectra S1 Review

Hands down to the best breast pump ever! After excluding pumping with my Spectra s1+ for three months, I can say that the Spectra S1+, indeed, is one of the best electric breastpumps in the market. I've been using this pump for a few months now and I loooove it. It seems to have good suction and I like that it has 2 modes - massage mode and expression mode.It’s also got a ton of cool options.  Listed below are the pros and cons I have noted:

  • Heavy Duty
The pump is for heavy duty use unlike the spectra s9+ and m1 which you can only use upto four times in a day per recommendation by babymama.com.ph. This means that you can pump for several times a day without worrying of overusing your electric breastpump. It's a hospital-grade pump capable of pumping single or double. There are two holes up front where you can connect the tubing to.

  • Rechargeable Battery

I love the rechargeable battery on this pump. It lasts me 2-3 days usage with about 4 pumping sessions in a day on a single charge.

  • Nightlight
This feature is very useful as I don't have to turn on the lights when I pump at night. It's super handy!

  • Massage Mode
The pump has two modes : massage mode and expression mode which are both adjustable by cyles and vaccum strength. This feauture is what makes the S1+ stand out from the other breaspumps I have tried. The Spectra leaves my breast feeling much emptier than my Spectra S9+ which I recently sold to buy the horigen dual pump. tehe!

  • Vibration

Compared with the other breastpumps I have tried, this one has a unique vibration everytime the pump sucks. It helps a lot in emptying milk out of my breast. 

  • Closed System

It comes with a backflow protector that prevents the milk from going into the pump machne.

The pump is amaaaazing but the spectra bottles are made of cheap plastic, it tends to unscrew itself from the flange. So you might consider  replacing the standard bottles, I use my avent bottles as it perfectly fits the flanges.

Expensive. I bought it for P 13,750.00. P15,500.00 including the shipping fee and accessories.  This sells for only P8,000 abroad. But hey! Warranty matters! atleast you can send it for repair if gets damaged.

Despite the cons, the Spectra is quiet, comfortable, painless, super awesome breastpump. You can control and adjust everything.... the suction, cycles (how fast) and intensity and etc and it remembers your choices for the next time you turn it on. The flanges are very comfortable and compact--not bulky at all. The machine itself is light compared to other brands of hospital-grade pumps weight and surprisingly portable inside a tote. It's quite big though, like the size of a small watermelon.