If you are a damsel in distress because of low milk supply when you can't keep up with the demand of your baby for your precious liquid...

How to increase breastmilk by Power pumping

If you are a damsel in distress because of low milk supply when you can't keep up with the demand of your baby for your precious liquidgold, then you must need to powerpump because it simply WORKS! There’s growing buzz around the concept of “power pumping.” If you have an electric or manual breastpump. Power pumping will do you wonders babe! You must thank heaven!

Other than bringing your baby to your breast, the next best way to naturally increase milk supply is to power pump. Power pumping, even when no milk is coming out, signals your bobbies that there is a demand and the body would start to produce more. In simple terms, you are tricking your body to produce more milk by rapidly emptying breasts. If you are familiar with "cluster feeding" which is when baby is on and off the breast often, this is how power pumping works. It's not meant to replace your normal pumping  routine, you just have to do this once or twice a day.

Most mothers should see their milk supply slowly and steadily increase after a few days of power pumping.

Here's how to power pump as illustrated below:
Increase breastmilk by powerpumping

In my case, I power pump whenever required to help with keeping my supply up, especially since I am a full-time working mother. Some mothers do this more often on weekends and do it a few times each day. Some others power pump for an hour or two each evening until they are satisfied with their supply.

However, you must always remember that it is of paramount importance that you drink lots of water, eat, and rest well to support your body in producing nutritious milk for your child.

Also, choose a good quality closed system double electric breast pump (such as Unimom Minuet or any hospital grade pump) to help ensure that the milk is efficiently and hygienically expressed. I've tried several pumps in the market and so far, I find that the Unimom Minuet LCD has the best suction from all others! It's the closest to baby's suction. But any portable breastpump will do, even manual pumps will do. 

You typically need to power pump for 2-3 days before you see a result, then you can return to normal pumping routine until you feel like you need to do it again.

This is post is dedicated to all mothers who are feeling somewhat down because of  low milk supply. I've been there many times and it's never been an easy ride, just hang on and powerpump! :)

This is post is also dedicated to my sons Affan and Minmin , I would be lost without you two♥