Myshopping Box Review

I've ordered so many items abroad using different freight forwarders. Today, I'm going to r...

I've ordered so many items abroad using different freight forwarders. Today, I'm going to review myshoppingbox(MSB)which I think would not be your best choice if you order more than 1 and big items as they don't consolidate packages. Last brack friday sale, I bought 2 keds shoes, 2 weekender bag and a wallet which all I got for less than 100 dollars in total because it's Black Friday. I usually ship my ordered items from abroad using shippingcart but because of the recent bad reviews and lost packages issues, I opt to use another freight forwarder other than Jinio. So this time I tried myshoppingbox and because I am pretty excited to have them shipped and thinking a striked a pretty good deal, I did not care to have a little research on MSB. Oh boy, it was a mistake becuase MSB does not consolidate items and remove excess packaging! Fast forward, my ordered items came in one very big box from 6pm to MSB! I was then billed $179 freaking dollars to ship them thru air to the Philippines. Are you kidding me? So I emailed there customer service and was then told that they don't remove excess packaging. It was good thing they offer to ship items thru sea cargo as I can't afford to ship them on air with the billed amount. I opted to ship them thru sea cargo at 86.71dollars, almost the same price as my packages in total. It took roughly a little over a month before I receive my parcel. I was pretty happy with all the items I ordered it's just that the shipping is way way expensive than I though :(

So if you are looking to ship big items from the US, MSB is not for you. 

Cimilre Handsfree Breasthield Kit Review

In connection to my review on the Cimilre F1 breastpump , I'm gonna be reviewing the Cimilre handsfree breastshield kit which I got for ...

In connection to my review on the Cimilre F1 breastpump, I'm gonna be reviewing the Cimilre handsfree breastshield kit which I got for around 2,000 php. I was initially going to purchase the freemie but unfortunately my budget wont allow me to. So instead I opted to try Cimilre's. I've used it for more than two months already and I find it useful and serves its purpose well. It's really totally handsfree! I can express almost the same amount of milk output when compared to my regular flanges. I am also happy that it works well with my Spectra S1+ and horigen breastpump which I have recently sold.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the Cimilre F1 and the breastshield kit :)

Cimilre F1 Breastpump Review

Photo grabbed from babysaversph. So as promised mommies! I just received my new breastpump fro...

Photo grabbed from babysaversph.
So as promised mommies! I just received my new breastpump from babysaversph. I really love the Cimilre F1!! Performance-wise, it works great like my other two breastpumps - the horigen dual breastpump and Spectra S1+. It's like I've been hoarding breastpumps lately. hehe! I'm loving this pump more than the other two because of the sleek and compact design and it's affordable too!. The Spectra S1+ is an amazing pump but it's too bulky and pricey. The horigen dual pump on the other hand is not rechargeable so I am not happy that I have to bring a powerbank with me all the time  as I tend to forget to bring it with me everytime:(  The Cimilre F1 is my holy grail breastpump! It's so convenient and very easy to to bring it to work. I also love how the pump itself is made of shiny material making it dirt and dust-free, unlike my Spectra S1+ which tends to get a bit dirty but I can easily dust-it off with wipes naman. hehe! The F1 has a very silent and subtle pumping sound so my officemates won't hear those prrrrrr pumping sound :D It has a led-backlit screen like the Spectra S9+ which comes handy for late night pumping. Surprisingly, I yield almost the same amount of milk compared to my output using my S1+. The suction is subtle yet strong and efficient in draining out my breast.
Photo grabbed from babysaversph.

Below are the pros and cons:

Very light
Very silent pumping
Shiny-pearl body
Sleek design
Dual and Rechargeable ( full charge will give you 4-6 pumping session)
LED backlit screen
Closed-system, with backflow protectors
My spectra spare parts fits perfectly ( so I can interchange parts) 


The flanges fits the standard-sized bottles but I think you can buy an adapter to wideneck bottles from the seller. I was able to use my Spectra flange with the Cimilre F1 without any problems at all.

I will be posting more pictures soon!

This photo was taken under bad lighting condition.

Photo taken at night time.

Photo taken at night time.

Maybelline Gel Liner Review

Howdy! I'm back with another review of a makeup product I recently bought during Maybelline'...

Howdy! I'm back with another review of a makeup product I recently bought during Maybelline's 50% off sale last March. It's the Maybelline Gel liner Long Lasting drama which I have been using on my everyday makeup.

I've been honestly loving the product. This is actually my first time using gel liner as I'm used to liquid liners but I've found out that it's better than my liquid liners. I love how comfortable it is to wear without that feeling that you have that liner on which I have actually experienced with my liquid liners. Unlike some liquid liners, this gel liner does not sting my eyes. I have not tried other gel liners to compare though but all I can say is I am very satisfied with the product. I do not know if lives up to Maybelline's claim that it's gonna stay for 24 hours. In my experience it would last me until I get home from work without any retouch during the day. However, if I wash off my face during lunch, I noticed that some of the product would peel off, so its not waterproof as it claims to be. On to the consistency, the product is opaque that it is actually jet black. It's not shiny but rather matte and pigmented. Over all, the product is a steal for the price.

I would definitely repurchase this product.

Spectra S1 Review

Hands down to the best breast pump ever! After excluding pumping with my Spectra s1+ ...

Hands down to the best breast pump ever! After excluding pumping with my Spectra s1+ for three months, I can say that the Spectra S1+, indeed, is one of the best electric breastpump in the market. I've been using this pump for a few months now and I loooove it. It seems to have good suction and I like that it has 2 modes.  Listed below are the pros and cons I have noted:

  • Heavy Duty
The pump is for heavy duty use unlike the spectra s9+ and m1 which you can only use upto four times in a day per recommendation by This means that you can pump for several times a day without worrying of overusing your electric breastpump. It's a hospital grade pump, capable of pumping single or double. There are two holes up front where you can connect the tubing to.

  • Rechargeable Battery

I love the rechargeable battery on this pump. It lasts me 2-3 days usage with about 5 pumping sessions in a day  in a single charge.

  • Nightlight
This feature is very useful as I don't have to turn on the lights when I pump at night. It's superhandy!

  • Massage Mode
The pump has two modes : massage mode and expression mode which are both adjustable by cyles and vaccum strength. This feauture is what makes the S1+ stand out from the other breaspumps I have tried. The Spectra leaves my breast feeling much emptier than my Spectra S9+ which I recently sold to buy the horigen dual pump. tehe!

  • Vibration

Compared with the other breastpumps I have tried, this one has a unique vibration everytime the pump sucks. It helps a lot in emptying milk out of my breast. 

  • Closed System

It comes with a backflow protector that prevents the milk from going into the pump machne.

The pump is amaaaazing but the spectra bottles are made of cheap plastic, it tends to unscrew itself from the flange. So you might consider  replacing the standard bottles, I use my avent bottles as it perfectly fits the flanges.

Expensive. I bought it for P 13,750.00. P15,500.00 including the shipping fee and accessories.  This sells for only P 8,000 abroad. But hey! Warranty matters! atleast you can send it for repair if gets damaged.

Despite the cons, the Spectra is quiet, comfortable, painless, super awesome breastpump. You can control and adjust everything.... the suction, cycles (how fast) and vaccum and etc and it remembers your choices for the next time you turn it on. The flanges are very comfortable and compact--not bulky at all. The machine itself is quite light weight and surprisingly portable inside a tote. It's quite big though, like the size of a small watermelon. 

Verify your Paypal using your Landbank Debit Visa Card

This is a quick step by step instruction on how to link your Landbank Visa Debit Card to your P...

This is a quick step by step instruction on how to link your Landbank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account and get verified.

Step 1: Log in to your paypal account and click the "Get Verified" link just below your name on the home page.

Step 2: Add your Landbank Visa Debit card by just keying in the details of your card. That would include the details of your bank, name appearing on your card, 16-digit card number and your CVV (last 3-digit number on the back of your card). Take note: Paypal will get P 100 from your card to check if you really own the card number; but it will be credited back to your account after 24 hours after verification). In my case, I was deducted 150 from my landbank account but the P100 was credited back to my paypal account after I was verified.

Incase, you do not know yet the details of Landbank. Here are the details you need to fill in:
Bank Code: 010350025

Step 3: Once you have successfully added you card, it’s time to get the Paypal Code (EXPUSE) number. This is a 4-digit number to verify your PayPal account.

Step 4. Unlike getting verified thru EON Unionbank account where you can retrieve your 4-digit expuse number by logging in thru your EON Cyber Account in your account statement, you will need to call landbank hotline toll free (1-800-10-405-7000)  2 days after adding your card to ask for the expuse code. The banker will verify your details; name, birthday and other important details to make sure you own the card. The banker will then ask your telephone number to call you  back after 30 minutes for the 4 digit code.

Step 5: After successfully receiving your EXPUSE Code from the banker, you can now log in to your PayPal account and click "Get Verified" and from there you enter the 4-digit code. Once done entering your EXPUSE code, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your PayPal account is now verified. Congrats! and if you have questions just leave a comment and I'd be glad to help.

Landbank Visa Debit Card Paypal Verification

Ever Bilena Lip Pencil Review in Deep Pink

Hi guys! So here I am again and today my blog post will be about my favorite lip liner from ever ...

Hi guys! So here I am again and today my blog post will be about my favorite lip liner from ever bilena which I have been using for months now.This is a very great lip liner and I am surprised that it only sells for Php100 ($2.3) at Watsons Philippines.  It's a steal. I love the texture which glides on precise on lips. It's very pigmented and the color payout is superb for the price.  I use to cover my entire lips not just a liner to line the lips. It stays long on the lips for about 6 hours if you don't drink or eat (lol), doesn't feel stick or heavy as most lipstick do but it's not moisturizing either. 


Good pigmentation
Smooth application
Long lasting
Easily available


Requires sharpening

Rating : 4/5

Ever Bilena Lip Pencil Deep Pink

Ever Bilena Deep Pink Lip Liner Swatch

Looks lighter on the photo. But the color is actually deep pink with a hint of violet

How to Book Cebu Pacific Airline Ticket Using your Unionbank EON VISA Debit Card

Booking airline tickets often are purchased with credit cards. While this is the popular method, it...

Booking airline tickets often are purchased with credit cards. While this is the popular method, it's not the only means of booking your flights online. Airline tickets can also be purchased through other methods such as debit cards (with VISA logo like Unionbank EON CARD and BDO debit card), bank deposit and other online forms of payment or cash . Some of these methods can be handled online, while others will require you to make the purchase in person like going through online booking agents at the mall or direct bank deposit.

The good news is you don't need a credit card to book airline tickets from Cebu Pacific. If you have a debit card then it's as easy as ABCD. Gone are the days when you have to queue through online booking agents just to have your travel booked. You can also use your landbank ATM card to purchase tickets from Cebu pacific but I will do the step-by-step tutorial for the Landbank purchase in a separate post.  

So below is the step-by-step instruction on how to book your online tickets:

1. Search your flight.

Use the box at the left side of the Homepage (as shown below). Just select the type of booking you'd like. Step 1 is pretty basic so let's move on step 2. Note : It's best if you have an account with Cebu Pacific so you can track and manage all your bookings.
Cebu Pacific EON VISA card online booking

Step 2.  You will then be directed to a page with a list of all available flights that fit your trip plan. Then click the continue button.

Step 3: Next step is to fill in guest details: basic information (name, sex, age and birthday) about the guest/s who will be taking this flight with you.

Step 4: Choose add-ons like your baggage allowance, travel insurance and seat preference etc. The cost will then be added to your total ticket cost.

Step 5: Summary report of your total ticket cost and then click to continue to proceed for the payment.

Step 6: Paying using your Unionbank EON VISA debit card is very easy. Just select the VISA payment  and then fill in the necessary information which includes the issuing bank which is obviously UNIONBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES,  name appearing on the Unionbank EON card, the card number (16-digits long), expiration date (validity) of your EON VISA card,  the 3- digit security code at the back of the card and your address as appearing on your UNIONBANK online account under the "Profile tab". Then click continue to complete your payment. Once payment is complete, you are directed to a page where you can print your itinerary and official receipt. If you are registered member of Cebu pac then you can easily manage all your bookings under the "Manage Booking" tab.

Unionbank will not charge you a single peso for booking your ticket. Under your "Accounts" tab, you can double check  if payment is successful once the total ticket amount has already been deducted from your UNIONBANK EON peso account (see  sample below).


Thanks for reading! If you have questions, just drop a comment and I'll be glad to help.

Cheap Mobile Text Promos

I was thinking of getting a mobile plan to save myself time and money from reloading more often. But there's still the fear of overage ...

I was thinking of getting a mobile plan to save myself time and money from reloading more often. But there's still the fear of overage fees which is quite common here in the Philippines, your mobile network charging you exorbitant overage fees on top of your monthly data allowance. Good thing, a good friend of mine suggested the Talk n Text  (TNT) "champion sim" which only costs Php40, the most. It offers the cheapest mobile promos for the unlitext and call category.  I have constant WIFI connnection at home and at work so it wouldn't be much of a problem if there aren't too many promos for internet connection.   Below are just some of the cheap promos offered by the network:

1. Unlimited calls and texts for 1 day to Smart/TNT for only 10 pesos PROMO CODE: (UTNT send to 4445)

2. Unlimited texts for 1 day to Smart/TNT for only 5 pesos PROMO CODE: (U5 send to 4445)

3. Unlimited texts to all networks for 2 days for only 15 pesos PROMO CODE: (UA15 send to 4445)

4. Unlimited texts for 3 hours to Smart/TNT for 3 pesos only  PROMO CODE: (U3 send to 4445)

5. Unlimited internet for 1 day costs only 20 pesos PROMO CODE: (C20 send to 4445)

6. Unlimited texts to Smart/TNT for 6 days costs only 30 pesos PROMO CODE: (CA30 send to 4445)

7. Unlimited texts to Smart/ TNT for 3 days costs only 20 pesos PROMO CODE: (U20 send to 4445)

8. Unlimited texts to Smart/ TNT for 30 days costs only 150 PROMO CODE: (U150 send to 4445)

9. 20 texts to all networks valid for one day will cost you 5 pesos PROMO CODE: (ta5 send to 4545)

You are even entitled to 30 free accumulating texts a day. I don't reload , I just rely on the free texts a day reward. Btw, this is not a paid advertisement by TNT though it may sound like it is. Lol. TNT must thank me for doing them a favor. hehe. Anyways, it's way cheaper than the mobile plans I was initially planning to have. 

Cambridge Satchel Marikina

Satchel I bough from Cerafin Online Since  my first  Cambridge  pink satchel bag , I was alr...

Satchel I bough from Cerafin Online

Since  my first  Cambridge pink satchel bag , I was already smitten. I  told myself I need to get more . Some fun facts about satchel : Did you know that the leather satchel had been worn by Roman legionnaires and English boy-scholars during the time of Queen Elizabeth? But don't worry it remains as stylish and practical as it was a thousand years ago.  The funny thing about satchels is the design being very easy to copy that any attempt to patent the design in favor of one company is bound to fail. So that's why I bought mine locally from Marikina. Haha!

At the time of order , the 12 inch Khaki wasn't in stock so I had to wait for roughly two weeks for my order to arrive. I got it from Cerafin Online for Php 500 plus the shipping fee of Php 100.  

Dimensions of the bag : 12 inches in length; 9 inches in height; 4 inches for base width and the strap is pretty adjustable. It's made of thick Faux Lealther with outside pocket, reinforced strap  and magnetic closing snap. 

What I don't like about the leather material as compared to the below yellow satchel  it's not quite sturdy. You need to stuff it with a book or big notebook just to hold the shape in place. Other than that, it's perfect. And I must mention that, it's very easy to clean. You just need a cotton and alcohol.

What compelled me to buy this one from one of my FB seller friends was the yellow-striped color. LOL. It matches my yellow blouse perfectly well. This one is priced at Php680. You can select from a wide range of patterns and colors, and prints—flowers, polkadots, hello kittys, and plaid... you name it. This is smaller compared to the Khaki one, this being only 11 inches. It's big enough to fit all your belongings-- wallets, notebooks and etc but not too big to be unwieldy and heavy to carry when walking in a crowd. I like this better than the Khaki one as this one doesn't tend to "deform". 

A thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

A thousand Splendid Suns Review by Khaled Hosseini With the rainy days ahead, I found mysel...

A thousand Splendid Suns Review by Khaled Hosseini

With the rainy days ahead, I found myself absorbed and immersed reading this moving story of these two Afghan women, Miriam and Laila. It's one of the saddest and compelling novel I've read in my entire life, I think it's because fantasy was my preference before and now I am slowly shifting to these type of emotionally wrecking books. I am beginning to like to read novels that are true-to-life and stories that will convulse me with sobs .Even though I have not experienced most of what Mariam and Laila have, I found a strange connection between the story and myself. 

Anyway,   the novel centers around the friendship between Mariam and Laila who are both going to be Rasheed's unfortunate wives . The novel is split into four parts, with  Mariam focused in the first part, continuing with Laila in the second , and the struggles of the two women in the third part. The story runs through a time where there was inevitable violence towards women caused by the recurring political instability in Afghanistan. It is an exceptional, brilliant well plotted story of friendship that stood the test of time between Laila and Mariam . The book opens the window on a part of the world that very few of us are familiar with. It opens our eyes to the struggles of every Afghan women during those times.

It's definitely worth reading so prepare some hankies for this heart-wrenching story.!