Photo grabbed from babysaversph. Click Unimom Minuet LCD review  for my review of another breastpump from breastpumpph . I find the Un...

Cimilre F1 Breastpump Review

Photo grabbed from babysaversph.
Click Unimom Minuet LCD review for my review of another breastpump from breastpumpph. I find the Unimom Minuet LCD slightly better than Cimilre in terms of suction and spare parts.

So as promised mommies! I just received my new breastpump from babysaversph. I really love the Cimilre F1!! Performance-wise, it works great like my other two breastpumps - the horigen dual breastpump and Spectra S1+. It's like I've been hoarding breastpumps lately. hehe! I'm loving this pump more than the other two because of the sleek and compact design and it's affordable too!.  It's very ligh weight which made my S1+ feel like an elephant. The Spectra S1+ is an amazing pump but it's too bulky and pricey. The horigen dual pump on the other hand is not rechargeable so I am not happy that I have to bring a powerbank with me all the time  as I tend to forget to bring it with me everytime:(  The Cimilre F1 is my holy grail breastpump! This little machine packs a big punch for working moms on the go or need to multi-task. It's so convenient and very easy to to bring  to work. I also love how the pump itself is made of pearly shiny material making it dirt and dust-free, unlike my Spectra S1+ which tends to get a bit dirty but I can easily dust-it off with wipes naman. hehe! The F1 has a very silent and subtle pumping sound so my officemates won't hear those prrrrrr pumping sound :D It has a led-backlit screen like the Spectra S9+ which comes handy for late night pumping. Surprisingly, I yield almost the same amount of milk compared to my output using my S1+. The suction is subtle yet strong and efficient in draining out my breast. This little machine came at a good price of P5,500 introductory price!! Currently available at babysaversph.
Photo grabbed from babysaversph.

Below are the pros and cons:

Very light
Very silent pumping
Shiny-pearl body
Sleek design
Dual and Rechargeable ( full charge will give you 4-6 pumping session)
LED backlit screen
Closed-system, with backflow protectors
My spectra spare parts fits perfectly ( so I can interchange parts) 


The flanges fits the standard-sized bottles but I think you can buy an adapter to wideneck bottles from the seller. I was able to use my Spectra flange with the Cimilre F1 without any problems at all.

I will be posting more pictures soon!

This photo was taken under bad lighting condition.

Photo taken at night time.

Photo taken at night time.