Satchel I bough from Cerafin Online Since  my first  Cambridge  pink satchel bag , I was already smitten. I  told myself I need to g...

Cambridge Satchel Marikina

Thursday, November 07, 2013 maishee 0 Comments

Satchel I bough from Cerafin Online

Since  my first  Cambridge pink satchel bag , I was already smitten. I  told myself I need to get more . Some fun facts about satchel : Did you know that the leather satchel had been worn by Roman legionnaires and English boy-scholars during the time of Queen Elizabeth? But don't worry it remains as stylish and practical as it was a thousand years ago.  The funny thing about satchels is the design being very easy to copy that any attempt to patent the design in favor of one company is bound to fail. So that's why I bought mine locally from Marikina. Haha!

At the time of order , the 12 inch Khaki wasn't in stock so I had to wait for roughly two weeks for my order to arrive. I got it from Cerafin Online for Php 500 plus the shipping fee of Php 100.  

Dimensions of the bag : 12 inches in length; 9 inches in height; 4 inches for base width and the strap is pretty adjustable. It's made of thick Faux Lealther with outside pocket, reinforced strap  and magnetic closing snap. 

What I don't like about the leather material as compared to the below yellow satchel  it's not quite sturdy. You need to stuff it with a book or big notebook just to hold the shape in place. Other than that, it's perfect. And I must mention that, it's very easy to clean. You just need a cotton and alcohol.

What compelled me to buy this one from one of my FB seller friends was the yellow-striped color. LOL. It matches my yellow blouse perfectly well. This one is priced at Php680. You can select from a wide range of patterns and colors, and prints—flowers, polkadots, hello kittys, and plaid... you name it. This is smaller compared to the Khaki one, this being only 11 inches. It's big enough to fit all your belongings-- wallets, notebooks and etc but not too big to be unwieldy and heavy to carry when walking in a crowd. I like this better than the Khaki one as this one doesn't tend to "deform".